musicophilia: i have it.

Posted: 04/09/2012 in Uncategorized

There are recent studies that have come out citing that the brain, upon first hearing music, is instantly addicted to it. I understand why: the beats, the rhythm, and the melodies. As humans, we’ve been making music for thousands of years and we won’t stop.

I’m a music addict, or musicophile. I can’t go a day without listening to or making music. My tastes range from pop to hip hop to rap to rock to jazz to Klezmer. My personal favourite genre right now is electroswing, a combination of swing music and hip-hop/dubstep. It’s super addicting and wonderful to rock out to. When I listen to “Booty Swing” by Parov Steler, it reminds me of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas commercial with the people in the elevator. It’s the first time I heard that song and it’s what I associate with the song, making it slightly eerie. (Here’s the commercial if you’ve never seen it.)

So I started thinking about all the artists and songs I listen to and with whom I associate them. Some associations are sad, but some make me laugh so hard, even if the song is serious. So, here are some songs I have heard and who I always associate them with.

“Boots & Boys” – Ke$ha: This will always remind me of making Thanksgiving in Ireland with Lynda. Ke$ha in general will always remind me of Steve and Tassi at The Groundlings, urging me to listen to her. Now I’m addicted.


“Tighten Up” – The Black Keys: He kept recommending them everywhere when they came to Iowa City, so The Black Keys will always remind me of Eric Sundermann


“You! Me! Dancing!” – Los Campesinos!: Though I used this song for “Little Lion Man”, I first heard this song when Coco shared it with the GLBTAU crowd as their song they associate with us. Now, I associate it with them.


“Bust Your Windows” as covered by Amber Riley: It was the first song I bonded with Tiana over. Now, she’s one of my best friends.


Those are just a few. There are some songs that remind me of bad things. Such bad things that I can’t listen to them anymore. But I realize that when I can finally listen to that song again, I’ve grown up and forgiven the bad event that happened with that song.

As a writer, I’ve got certain music that I listen to when I write. It gets me motivated and gets my blood pumping. I’ve talked to several of my friends about what they listen to when they study or write and most say Classical. Personally, I can’t listen to classical for study music. I just can’t. It’s too calming and too much like white noise if I put it on just for background music. Thanks to my cousin Stu, I listen to hip-hop while I write – and lots of it. Sometimes it’s Gorillaz, sometimes The Roots, sometimes Aesop Rock, sometimes The Pharcide. Music with more of a bounce to it moves me. The rhythms and beats in hip-hop  occasionally inform my writing because I listen to how they’re speaking in the music.

And Classical can’t do that.


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